Contemporary Modern Art Michael Hoffman Artwork Costa Del Sol Acrylic on Board

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Exemplary of Michael Hoffman's work, this acrylic painting on board is a sophisticated and modern stripe of various blues and ochres drawing the observer's eye and into the organic and calming feel and tone of the piece.

It measures at 24"W x 72.5"H x 2.75"D.  

About the artist, Michael Hoffman:

Born December 12, 1965, New York City. His father owned a fine art moving business and his mother was a Playright/Director at Cafe LaMama in its inaugural year. They were surrounded by a diverse crowd of artists, such as filmmaker Gary Galsworth and painter Charles Mingus Jr.. Michael’s family moved across the USA, living in Madison and Santa Fe, and finally settling on Whidbey Island in Washington State. He spent his teenage years clearing a six acre plot of land with his family and building their home - a seven sided geodesic dome. Michael attended The Evergreen State College from 1983-87, studying film and photography. After graduation he took his camera and, over a ten year period, traveled extensively throughout Europe. While traveling he lived with, performed with, and documented circus performers and their communities. Michael moved to St. Louis in 2001, started an art gallery with Alicia and William LaChance and began working full time as an artist - a lifetime dream. With no formal education as a painter, Michael draws on his eclectic past for inspiration - strongly influenced by his travels throughout Spain and France and rich colors and textures marked by time. His artwork is collected by individuals and corporations worldwide.

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