About Le Shoppe Auction House

Le Shoppe Auction House (LSAH) was founded by a partnership between Le Shoppe Too (LST) and Detroit Fine Art Appraisals (DFAA).   

Le Shoppe Auction House specializes in iconic 20th century furnishings and art, combining the convenience of 21st century online technology with the excitement of a traditional live auction. Boasting the largest mid century modern market in the United States, Michigan has long been a home to the finest collections of art and furniture. Names like Knoll, Eames, Nelson, Saarinen, Noguchi, Lichtenstein, Katz, Haring, Stella, Frankenthaler to name a few.

To begin the process of submitting a piece or pieces for potential inclusion in one of our upcoming auctions, or if you have any questions about our process, please submit photos of the piece(s) along with any information you have on the piece(s) in our submission form on our "contact us" page, or directly to our email at leshopperetail@gmail.com